The closing press conference of the 125th Canton Fair

The closing press conference of the 125th Canton Fair


The closing press conference of the 125th Canton Fair was held on May 5th at the Guangzhou Canton Fair. Xu Bing, deputy secretary-general of the Canton Fair, spokesperson and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced the overall operation of the Canton Fair to the domestic and foreign media attending the conference.

Xu Bing said that the 125th Canton Fair was guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implemented the spirit of the 19th and 19th Central Committees of the Party, and fulfilled the historical mission of the Canton Fair in the new era. This year, China’s foreign trade is stable and the task of improving quality is guided by the party’s political construction. It will carry out the entire process from the strict governance of the party to the various links and the whole process of the Canton Fair, and deepen the deep integration and mutual promotion of party building and business work. Under the cordial care of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, under the great attention and strong leadership of the Ministry of Commerce and the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, with the strong support of the business departments across the country, and through the joint efforts of all the participants, the current Canton Fair has generally operated smoothly. Successfully completed various tasks and achieved positive results in terms of stable service scale, quality improvement and rotational force.

According to Xu Bing, 195,454 overseas buyers of the 125th Canton Fair came to 213 countries and regions, down 3.88% from the same period in the spring of 2018 (the same below).

The number of buyers from all continents was: 110,172 in Asia, accounting for 56.37%; 33,075 in Europe, accounting for 16.92%; 31,143 in the Americas, accounting for 15.93%; 14,492 in Africa, accounting for 7.67%; and 6,072 in Oceania, accounting for 3.11%.

In 2018, the number of participants in China’s top ten trading partners and countries accounted for 64% of the total number of attendees, an increase of 2.56 percentage points year-on-year. The number of buyers from countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” reached 88,009, accounting for 45.03%.

The top 20 countries and regions in the meeting accounted for 61.44% of the total number of participants, an increase of 0.44 percentage points year-on-year. The top 10 countries and regions are: Hong Kong, China, India, the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Australia.

Among the world’s top 250 retailers in 2019, 101 were present, and five of the top 10 were Wal-Mart, Costco, Schwarz, Amazon, and Aldi. Leading companies in various industries continue to send personnel to the conference to purchase. The number of procurement representatives sent by the headquarters of multinational procurement companies remained stable.

There are 47,588 old buyers who will be more than 10 times.

Among the buyers, 40.14% of electronics and home appliances, 32.63% of consumer goods, 28.7% of home decorations, 28.18% of gifts, and 26.35% of textiles and clothing.

Xu Bing said that the cumulative export turnover of the current Canton Fair was 1995.24 billion yuan (US$29.73 billion), down 1.1% from the spring of 2018.

In the export transaction, mechanical and electrical goods still ranked first. The turnover of mechanical and electrical goods was 16.03 billion US dollars, accounting for 53.9% of the total turnover; the turnover of light industrial products was 7.61 billion US dollars, accounting for 25.6% of the total turnover; the turnover of textile and apparel was 1.62 billion US dollars, accounting for 5.4% of the total turnover.

The brand exhibition area was in good condition. A total of 8.56 billion US dollars, accounting for 28.8% of the total turnover.

The export value of 64 countries along the “Belt and Road” was US$10.63 billion, an increase of 9.9%, accounting for 35.8% of the total turnover.

Among the transaction orders, the ratio of short to medium orders was high, and the proportion of long orders was still low. Short orders within 3 months accounted for 42.3%, 33.4 months for single orders accounted for 33.4%, and long-term orders for more than 6 months accounted for 24.3%.

Xu Bing said that the current Canton Fair will continue to expand the service functions and service connotations, give full play to the role of multi-functional integrated platform, support enterprises to explore diversified international markets, and foster new advantages in foreign trade competition. First, better serve the high-quality development of foreign trade. The exhibition scale and exhibitors of this session of the Canton Fair remained stable. According to the concept of “innovation, professionalism, precision and precision”, we will accurately carry out global marketing promotion and buyer invitation activities to ensure the quality and source of buyers are diversified, and new buyers will be active, with 82,375 people, accounting for 42.15% of the total number. , an increase of 0.64 percentage points year-on-year, effectively helping companies to develop new customers and develop new markets. More than 80% of the customers in some enterprises have met through the Canton Fair, and 70% of the orders are from the Canton Fair. The exhibitors have accelerated their quality improvement and innovation in technology research and development, product innovation and brand cultivation. High-tech, high-quality, high value-added and self-owned brand products are constantly emerging. Although the export channels are increasingly diversified, the Canton Fair is still the most important channel for Chinese companies to expand into the global market. The role of helping enterprises to build a global marketing network and develop a diversified international market is irreplaceable. It is to promote the development of China’s foreign trade, especially stability. Expand the export of “Dinghai God Needle”. 110 design institutes participated in the exhibition and introduced 18040 design services for exhibitors. In the 2019 Canton Fair Export Product Design Award, more than 500 products have been registered for about 300 companies, and a large number of leading enterprises in the industry have signed up for the competition. The award-winning products have attracted a lot of attention over the years, and the award-winning product exhibition hall attracted 2,300 visitors per day. The Canton Fair will effectively guide enterprises to enhance product design innovation capabilities through design display, design docking and export product design awards, and help enterprises establish brand image and foster new advantages in foreign trade competition. The second is to create more Chinese opportunities for overseas companies. A total of 650 companies from 38 countries and regions participated in the exhibition of the Canton Fair. Many industry benchmarks and international leading companies focused on high-end smart, green and low-carbon products suitable for the Chinese market. Overseas exhibitors said that the Canton Fair’s import exhibition set up a fast track for them to enter the Chinese market with great potential, helping them to meet a large number of Chinese customers, reached a cooperation intention with Chinese companies, and established a long-term partnership. The third is to effectively promote local opening up. Eight regional industrial clusters of six provinces and cities were arranged to exhibit, and men’s and women’s clothing, sportswear and casual wear, carpets and tapestries, clothing accessories and accessories were exhibited, showing the pattern of “one street” of industrial clusters. It will provide a display platform for 27 foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases and regional industrial bases, and focus on the base construction achievements and featured products. Conducted 74 various exhibitions, industry promotion and trade docking activities for 39 provinces and cities. With the help of the vast merchant resources of the Canton Fair, local specialty industries, excellent enterprises and excellent brands will be promoted to the world, and the opening up of the country will be promoted to the outside world, effectively promoting the development of local open economy, which is widely welcomed by local governments, enterprises and purchasers. Fourth, the conference forum is more informative. The Canton Fair has organized and organized 128 events, including 26 theme forums covering regional markets, foreign trade situations, international commodities, supply chain and distribution, fashion trends, etc., attracting more than 3,000 people. Combining the current hotspots and industry development characteristics, various conference forums not only provide high-end information and practical solutions with forward-looking and strategic value, but also provide an open communication platform for all parties. The parties will jointly explore ways to expand trade, stimulate trade vitality, and promote economic and trade cooperation in a high-quality, sustainable direction.

Xu Bing introduced that the current Canton Fair accepted 377 IPR complaints, 508 exhibiting companies were complained, and 246 companies were finally found to be suspected of infringement. Compared with the previous session, the number of accepted cases decreased by 6 cases, the total number of enterprises complained of decreased by 2, and the total number of suspected infringing enterprises was reduced by 22. A total of 62 complaints about trade disputes were accepted, an increase of 21 cases over the previous session, of which 43 cases were successful, and 10 settlements were executed on the spot.

Xu Bing said that the current Canton Fair will continue to promote the construction of the “Smart Canton Fair” and provide exhibitors and buyers with smart services in the whole process before, during and after the exhibition, and the level of smart service will be further enhanced. The Canton Fair’s big data kanban scrolls and broadcasts data with high attention, comprehensively displays all aspects of the Canton Fair, and provides intuitive image display and intelligent services. The network’s non-aware authentication function was introduced to bring more convenient online experience to exhibitors. The cumulative WiFi access was 230,019, an increase of 40.76% over the same period of the previous year. The on-site information website has more than 225,000 views. The exhibitor’s exhibits inquiries system reached 211,000 visits from 219 countries and regions; the “Brand Window” column attracted wide attention, with 49,000 visits from 186 countries and regions. Column product clicks were clicks from other exhibits. 1.6 times the amount, effectively promote brand companies to explore the international market. The function of reporting the transaction statistics of the mobile terminal was welcomed by the exhibitors, and the proportion of the transaction statistics online increased from 37.18% to 92.05%.

Xu Bing said that the current Canton Fair will implement the Canton Fair Green Development 2.0 program in a comprehensive system, and further strengthen the green standard system construction, green booth award brand communication, professional profile use, design innovation and exhibition waste control, and the quality of green development and The overall benefits have been improved. The Green Booth Evaluation Guide has been approved by the National Standards Evaluation Center. The Canton Fair Green Booth Award Presentation Ceremony and “Green Space Time” performances were held to award the awards to the 84th Canton Fair Green Booth Award winners. The 125th Canton Fair Green Booth Awards were selected. A total of 403 special booths were declared for selection. The total number of WeChat votes reached 537,000. The environment of the exhibition hall was further improved, the exhibition solid waste continued to decrease, and the on-site display effect was steadily improved.

Xu Bing said that this year’s Canton Fair has 770 exhibiting enterprises in poverty-stricken areas, involving 15 categories of goods in 45 exhibition areas. Among them, there are 170 enterprises from 22 places participating in the exhibition area of ​​characteristic products in poverty-stricken areas, involving 15 categories of products in 5 categories. . Successfully held a special promotion event for the featured products exhibition area in poverty-stricken areas, and established a joint bridge for exhibitors from poor areas and global buyers through demonstrations, show demonstrations, and sample interactions. Exhibitors said that the Canton Fair has provided a new platform for enterprises in poverty-stricken areas to explore the international market and new opportunities to get rid of poverty. Exhibitors learned about market demand and industry trends through the Canton Fair, met with effective customers, opened up new markets, and obtained real orders. Through exchanges with outstanding peers, they expanded their international horizons and cultivated the awareness of actively exploring the market. It has enhanced the driving force of endogenous development and laid a good foundation for laying a good fight against poverty and promoting foreign trade and economic development in poverty-stricken areas.

Xu Bing said that the current Canton Fair strengthened the use of booths and handled a total of 22 companies that violated the use of booths. By canceling the qualifications for exhibiting, deducting the general booth base of the trading group and canceling the qualifications of the participating groups, The Canton Fair Newsletter has made effective measures such as the results of the notification, effectively ensuring the quality of the Canton Fair and negotiating order. Firmly establish the concept of safe development, strengthen the joint efforts of internal and external security forces in accordance with the ideas of civil air defense, technical defense and physical defense, improve various emergency plans, strictly implement various security measures, continuously improve the level of science and technology security, and build comprehensive security prevention and control. The system will ensure safety with stricter requirements, higher standards and more practical measures. The operation of the Canton Fair was safe and stable. There were no major public security criminal cases, violent attacks, fires, food poisoning, major infectious diseases, traffic accidents, etc., which created a safe and peaceful environment for the Chinese and foreign businessmen to negotiate transactions.

Post time: May-05-2019